Sawyer Staffing, Inc. fills gaps in the work force, expands staff, and recruits new employees for business.

There are at least four reasons to consider using Sawyer Staffing:

  • To search for and recruit new employees
  • To fill in for absent employees or to fill a vacancy temporarily
  • To provide extra support during busy times or seasons
  • To staff special short-term projects

What you really want is ...

People who can do what you need them to do. It takes a lot of effort, time and money to find the right people quickly.

On average, you’ll have to interview several candidates to find one who meets your requirements, and that’s after you find several candidates to interview.

That’s what we do, and we care about submitting a candidate that meets your requirements… those who are able to fulfill your needs.

Businesses depend on Sawyer Staffing as a source for permanent employees and to outsource other human resource functions such as payroll.

We ask some of our customers about our service’s what they said.

You didn’t go into business to worry about personnel …but we did